About Us

Headwear Creations, Inc. was created and founded by Ruben Spitz.   A young Polish immigrant came to America and had a dream, of what, was yet to be found out.  Working three jobs at times, and trying to make ends meet. He quickly learned that to succeed and build a business that would eventually last 50 years or more would take an enormous amount of strength, motivation, and determination, he had all three.

In 1960 Ruben started a headwear company called H & R Hats. He quickly realized that one of the only ways to realize the “American Dream”, or capitalize on what America had to offer was to go into business for himself, and follow the strict guidelines of the entrepreneurial road map. By creating H & R Hats, he set the standard and model that the domestic headwear industry follows today.

H & R Hats expanded very quickly and emerged as a premier headwear manufacturer. The main focus was to fill the growing demand of CMT hats and caps in the early 1960’s through the 1970’s. By creating new styles, and keeping up with the growing demand of the US marketplace, H & R Hats evolved, into Headwear Creations. He ran this company for more than 50 years but needing to slow down, he sold the business. 

Under new Management, Headwear Creations, Inc. is now Bold HatMakers, LLC. Although, Ruben is no longer the owner he still plays a big roll in the world of hat manufacturing. He will continue to teach us and inspire us as we move forward!

Our slogan is: Products made with pride in the US


Bold HatMakers, LLC. mission is to provide the best possible high-quality, 100% headwear for it's customers, as well as providing quality services. We don't just build business, we build relationships. We can provide the best possible items and services to meet our customers needs and / or requirements.